MLAS Group: We Can Now Connect On Social Media

Multinational Logistics and Allied Services (MLAS) is proud to announce its official presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Our aim is to use Social media to transfer our goals and objectives into social experiences that resonate with our clients, employees and all other players and stakeholders in the various industries we service. Every day, people and businesses connect with their world online. Jobs are found, careers are built, all within the social media space. Hence these social media platforms will further help to define the MLAS brand, our clients can understand our culture, receive update and notifications and probably special offers when available.

We encourage everyone to take part in this exciting development and help ensure its success by:

First and Foremost: Follow Us! 
“Like” MLAS on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Also feel free to connect with us on Linkedin. On all these social media pages, listings of various MLAS-related groups, organizations, services, special offers and even job opportunities can be found. We encourage everyone to actively participate by liking and making comments on our posts

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding several posts about MLAS and what we do. Feel free to “like” and “retweet” news stories, podcasts and events.

Spread the word
Good old-fashioned word of mouth can be best way to promote our social media presence. Additionally, for those active on Twitter, use the hashtag #mlasgroup in order to organize all MLAS related “tweets.”

Be Safe and Aware. Widespread privacy concerns surrounding social media affects us all. Let’s stay alert and use social media safely.

We want to hear from you! If you have suggestions or observations such as: a link relevant to the business community, news announcement or any inquiry, email:

We look forward to providing an amazing experience to the entire MLAS community and thank everyone for their support.

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