Ship Chandelling

Mlas arranges and supplies all consumable items, marine spares, marine, safety & fire fitting, hardware, electrical, electronics, refrigerant, gases, handling tools, lifting and equipment tools/tackles to offshore and onshore shipping industries.

MLAS greatest strength is that we can successfully complete the task of supplying for deck, engine store, cabin, bonded and provision even at a short notice as we are flexible in our work approach. Although our pricing structure are very reasonable and most competitive.Also not to forget that our quality checks and controls are always considered first when supplying right from pin to plane.

Our services include:

General Supplies

  • Dairy, meat and canned products
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Wide variety of baked goods and pastries
  • Alcoholic and non- Alcoholic beverages, Cigars and cigarettes

Additional Services

  • Customs processing of goods delivered to foreign ships
  • Transportation services for vessel crew members
  • Provisions and technical supply for legal parties Vessels using our services include; Cargo and bulk carriers, cruise ships, offshore support vessels, naval ships cruising yachts. We can cover your vessels in all Nigerian ports.

Technical Supplies

  • Marine equipment and spare parts, instruments, tools, bearings, oils and lubricants, paints, marine and household chemicals.
  • Repair and restoration of separate units and parts, part manufacturing, Delivery of oversize parts.
  • Survival and fire-protection gear, personal protective equipment.
  • Manufactured goods, household products, office supplies, appliances, dishware, and consumer electronics.
  • Maintenance and approval of rescue equipment, including inflatable life rafts, fire-protection equipment, and breathing apparatuses.
  • Bureau de Change services for crew members.
  • Deck & Engine stores
  • Life safety equipment and pyrotechnics
  • Medical stores
  • Construction materials


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