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MLAS provides tailored services to address the needs of our clients in the most effective and competitive manner. We constantly search for new solutions for our clients, adapting to current needs and changing industry trends, staying competitive globally and gaining market share. MLAS offers services through six service lines:


Manpower Supply Services (Expatriate & Nationals)

MLAS deploys mid to high level technical,

Rope Access

Rope Access Services

MLAS Rope Access Engineering Department provides highly trained,

QA-QC- Inspection Services

QA/ QC & Inspection Services

MLAS offers the full range of personnel skilled in Inspection,



From the allocation of a contract through to the mobilization and management of trucks.

Special Services




  • MLAS arrange and supply all consumable items, marine spares, marine, safety & fire fitting, hardware, electrical, electronics, refrigerant, gases, handling tools, lifting and equipment tools/tackles to offshore and onshore shipping industries. MLAS greatest strength is that we can successfully complete the task of supplying for deck, engine store, cabin, bonded and provision even at a short notice as we are flexible in our work approach. Although our pricing structure are very reasonable and most competitive. Also not to forget that our quality checks and controls are always considered first when supplying right from pin to plane. Our services include:
  • General Supplies

✓ Dairy, meat and canned products
✓ Fresh fruits and vegetables
✓ Wide variety of baked goods and pastries
✓ Alcoholic and non- Alcoholic beverages, Cigars and cigarettes

  • Technical Supplies

✓ Marine equipment and spare parts, instruments, tools, bearings, oils and lubricants, paints, marine and household chemicals.
✓ Repair and restoration of separate units and parts, part manufacturing, Delivery of oversize parts.
✓ Survival and fire-protection gear, personal protective equipment.
✓ Manufactured goods, household products, office supplies, appliances, dishware, and consumer electronics.
✓ Maintenance and approval of rescue equipment, including inflatable life rafts, fire-protection equipment, and breathing apparatuses.
✓ Bureau de Change services for crew members.
✓ Deck & Engine stores
✓ Life safety equipment and pyrotechnics
✓ Medical stores-
✓ Construction materials

  • Additional Services

✓ Customs processing of goods delivered to foreign ships
✓ Transportation services for vessel crew members
✓ Provisions and technical supply for legal parties Vessels using our service include; Cargo and bulk carriers, cruise ships, offshore support vessels, naval ships cruising yachts. We can cover your vessels in all Nigerian ports.



  • Temporary Work Permit (TWP)
  • Business Visa
  • Subject to Regularization (STR) Visa
  • Obtaining a Work Permit (TWP) is a crucial step for any successful assignment, as they are necessary before other requirements like accommodation and transportation. MLAS’ support services also includes facilitation of work permits for our contracted oil and gas professionals. We consider every aspect like assignment duration, work schedule, area of work, notice period etc. for the application process. MLAS extends support to mobilise consultants which includes visa application (Business, Subject to Regularisation [STR] & CERPAC) for the country of assignment. We consider all the factors like area of work (offshore or onshore), cost of living expenses, employment duration and travel requirements to secure visas, with minimal hassle. We offer assistance with transit, entry and exit visas to cover the term of employment, and help in obtaining visas for additional locations, for consultant’s business trips during their assignment.

Protocol Services &

Customs Brokerage

  • We specialize in the timely and efficient processing of customs entries, facilitating temporary import bonds, coordinating duty drawbacks and preparing export declarations. . We also provide top of the class accommodation (or starage?????) and transportation logistics at competitive rates.

Air Ticket, Meet & Greet, Transportation

& Hotel Accommodation

  • MLAS’ wide array of flights, meet and greet services include: issuance of air tickets, personal assistance to and from gate, expedited check-in & boarding pass issuance, escort through security, access to V.I.P airline lounges, constant monitoring of flight status, arrival and departure, assistance with seat assignments, re-booking arrangements, pre-boarding assistance, connection meets, group check-in, etc. MLAS’ concierge services includes: full travel service provider, hotel bookings, luxury transportation and ‘to and from’ airport services. Our experienced staff meets our clients upon arrival or departure and will make certain their airport experience is hassle free! Our recurring clients may reserve a Meet and Greet online with our fast and easy online reservation form or via e-mail. The Meet and Greet Service provides ground transportation to and from the hotel in any location in and around Lagos and environs. Our courteous, professionally trained drivers provide a relaxing and comfortable mode of transportation for personnel and guests. MLAS offers a complete package of crew logistic, including air/sea logistics and crew travel. We handle large numbers of crew, personnel and their equipment, on and off vessels, to and from offshore locations.



  • MLAS provides hotel or residential accommodation for all category of personnel. MLAS ensures the accommodations are all situated in good secure low density populated area, and easily accessible to work locations/site. MLAS emphasizes the following screening processes;
  • Safety

All accommodation must be equipped with the following:

  • Fire Extinguishers in all strategic locations of the house
  • Housing units must have fire exits
  • Smoke detectors/fire alarms most be in all housing units
  • Muster Point must be on site.
  • Security

The accommodation most have:

  • 24 hours security
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Housing units must be equipped with Bullet proof doors/windows and Panic button

All rooms equipped with dead bolts and fetch locks.

  • Catering

Catering Facilities are equipped with:

  • Modern cooking appliances.
  • All catering facilities provided by company are hygienic
  • Catering facilities are equipped with adequate food storage facilities
  • Well trained cooks with experience in all kinds of continental and oriental dishes.
  • MLAS ensure that all cooks undergo health checks prior to employment
  • The cooks are made to ensure proper food handling and storage
  • Cooks provide convenient meal schedule at all times.
  • Emergency Preparedness:
  • Fire Escape Route
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarms
  • Muster Point on site
  • Emergency numbers are available to site Manager and all on site
  • Fire drills are performed monthly.

MLAS also ensures that all apartments are fully serviced with 24 hours electricity supply. Other amenities provided at housing facilities are Swimming Pool and Gymnasium. 

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