Outsourcing can generate more jobs in Nigeria

Outsourcing as a management practice is the transfer of job responsibility from an organisation, or from a part of the industry to individuals or entities outside the organization or industry. It is a modern management practice that has gained worldwide traction. ASSOCIATION of Outsorcing Professionals of Nigeria, AOPN, has said that outsourcing will help the federal government create jobs for the nation, advising that Nigeria should copy from other nations to make the country an investment destination.

In a chat with Vanguard, the President of AOPN, Dr. Austin Nweze, said that outsourcing is one option which government can resort to in creating jobs. He stated: “Countries like Mauritius, The Philippines, India have been able to use outsourcing to strengthen their economies.” According to the managing director and chief executive officer, Whytecleon, Mrs. Nereti Adebayo, who is also the chairman of the 2017 Outsourcing Planning Committee, “We are putting round peg in a square hole. We are missing it, which is why it’s difficult for us to develop competences in the country” She stated: “It is only in this country that I know that non professionals will be made heads of parastatals, ministries. How do you pick a non agriculturist to head the agricultural ministry, or a non-aviation expert to be minister for aviation? “This is a major problem we have in the country, so how do you develop competency in those fields, it becomes really difficult, because even the person at the helm of the affair would have little or no knowledge about that industry and the same person would have been more useful in another ministry aligned to the profession he belongs to.” Source: The Vanguard

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