The Nigerian mining industry is changing drastically, and more than revolutionary, these changes are referred to as “evolutionary”. A massive increase in the number of projects under planning and development nationwide, are calling for huge investments, cutting edge technologies, better work environment and conditions and most of all, quality manpower. Particularly in Nigeria, the pressure to provide economic, efficient and effective mining solutions, is mounting considerably.

Mining, as a process, is dependent on several specialty machinery and equipment, besides special skilled manpower. The process itself is divided into 6 unique steps, each of which requires special machinery, equipment, and accordingly skilled personnel as below;

  • Prospection- investigation (geochemical and geophysical srveys) as well as exploratory drilling and trenching.
  • Explore, develop and produce the minerals
  • Detailed Exploration
  • Evaluation & Appraisal (for commercial viability)
  • Development (sub-processes to gain access to mineral reserves)- this usually includes sinking shafts, permanent excavations, building transport infrastructure and initial removal of overburden.
  • Construction (establishes and commissions facilities) to extract and transport the extracted reserves.

Through our regularly updated and maintained database, we guarantee ready availability of ideal professional; for every position of our specialty sectors. Everything from the planning to the interview, leading to selection and hiring, right up to their work-site arrival and performance, is our responsibility. We are hence renowned as the organisation capable of providing a complete recruitment solution for every human resource need.

We, at MLAS, understand how crucial it is to have prompt provision of effective, efficient and specialised manpower for all sectors. We realised that when it comes to sensitive and dynamic businesses, especially the ones that have been heavily investment into, one cannot take chances.


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