Manpower Services for Construction Companies

Construction industry remains the strong base for any economy. With the rapid industrialization and computerization, the construction industry is well advanced in terms of technology and has raised as best dynamic as well as quickly developing industry sector. Construction companies and contractors have unique Manpower issues that range from maintaining safe and compliant workplaces in the field, to staying abreast of changes in laws and regulations governing workers compensation, benefits, workplace safety, and training and developing supervisors and managers.

The expansion and modernization in this industry need more skilled Manpower to take care of various job role demands. We have expertise in handling rising demands of construction professionals. We understand the urgent and vital needs of our clients and strive to meet their requirements for handling the demands of infrastructure creation due to increasing population base. We identify talented workforce holding high degree of specialization and industry knowledge and experience in related fields.

MLAS can provide all the support construction companies need to successfully grow and manage their workforce without increasing their fixed costs and overhead. In particular, MLAS can help you make sure your managers and supervisors around the country have the skills they need to be effective through its innovative interactive training programs. Our permanent and contract personnel provide local solutions with global quality standards across our major markets in Nigeria. We offer solutions for various sectors such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Energy, Mining, Construction, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Processing, as well as Utilities sectors.

MLAS is an indigenous Construction Services Company capable of handling every conceivable in the construction fields cutting across:

  • Manpower Supply
  • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control,
  • Rope Access and
  • Special Services

Feel free to contact us for all your outsourcing needs, Our vision is to add value to clients, business partners and shareholders through consistent pursuit of excellence and commitments to our shared values.


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